Confessions Published

I’m happy to announce that I just published Confessions of a Hallway Hustler to Amazon KDP. They say it’ll up to 3 days for the review process before it goes live. This little project grew in scope until it consumed a good chunk of the last few months. A valuable lesson is over-optimistic completion estimation. … Read more

50 Common Complaints About Contemporary Civilization

Here are 50 common criticisms of contemporary civilization, in no particular order: How To Use This List When creating a parody, use this list of common complaints as lenses through which to assess the target work. This will add depth and relevance to the parody, heightening its satiric bite. Here’s how: Select Relevant Criticisms First, … Read more

Using Parody to Teach Creative Writing

Introduction Definition of Parody and Its Relevance to Creative Writing Parody is a form of satire that imitates the style and content of an existing work for comic effect or critique.In creative writing, it serves as a powerful tool for exploring and understanding literary styles, themes, and techniques. Parody requires a writer to engage deeply … Read more

Using Parody to Teach Close Reading

Introduction Close reading is a critical analysis approach focusing on understanding and interpreting a text’s details. This method involves examining aspects like word choice, sentence structure, thematic elements, and the use of literary devices. In literary analysis, close reading is essential as it allows readers to deeply engage with a text, uncovering layers of meaning … Read more

How to Make a Parody

Introduction Parody is a creative work that imitates or mimics another work, style, or genre in a humorous or satirical way. It’s not just about copying the original. It’s about tweaking it to create something new and often comically exaggerated. This imitation can be of anything widely recognized, such as a film, a song, a … Read more

Parody Logos

Parody logos often use humor and satire to critique or comment on the original brand or broader social issues. Here are five examples of parody logos and their implications: Reasons for Creating a Parody Logo How to Create a Parody Logo Distributing the Logo Remember, when creating and distributing a parody logo, it’s important to … Read more

How To Use A Parody Disclaimer

What is a parody disclaimer? A parody disclaimer is a statement that informs the audience that the work they are about to view or read is a parody. It clarifies that the work is meant for humor or satire and is not associated with the original creators or owners of the source material. What’s the … Read more

Evaluating the Quality of a Parody

Introduction Parody plays a vital role in popular culture. It serves as a form of entertainment and critique, offering a lens through which to see the world differently. But how do you judge the quality of a parody? This article delves into the elements that make a parody resonate both as a form of entertainment … Read more

5 Examples of Parody in The Simpsons

1. “The Shinning” (“Treehouse of Horror V”) Elements of Parody: This episode segment parodies the 1980 horror film “The Shining,” directed by Stanley Kubrick. The story, setting, and character dynamics are similar, but exaggerated for comic effect. Target of Parody: The target is the movie “The Shining” and the horror genre more broadly. Implied Criticism: … Read more

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