Hairy Squatter Update

I’ve been working on Hairy Squatter the past couple days. I have a good sense of who the narrator is, as well as the protagonist. I also started drafting the first chapter. I’ve decided to take a different tack from the initial idea. Here’s the old version of the beginning: Mr. and Mrs. Worsely, of … Read more

The not-so-secret secret to consumer capitalism

This aphorism is going to be to-the-point. It may also come off as dark, so reader beware. I had this thought the other night and jotted it down in my bedside notebook: The not-so-secret secret to consumer capitalism (and, just maybe, pretty much any system of human organization) is that people want to be lied … Read more

Onto The Next Parody

This week I returned to working on Hairy Squatter. I worked out the narrator and the main comic archetype for the protagonist. The narrator is going to be Moldywart, in first-person. He’s giving his version of events to contest the “official” version, told by the (annoying) omniscient narrator of the original. Moldywart is a Trickster … Read more

Confessions Launch

I published Confessions of a Hallway Hustler: Another Shameless Wimpy Kid Parody on December 24, 2023. To launch, I ran a KDP Select Free Book promotion for 5 days, from 12/27 to 12/31. During that time, I ran ads on four platforms: BookBub, Facebook, Google Ads, and Amazon Ads. My plan was to send readers … Read more

Confessions Published

I’m happy to announce that I just published Confessions of a Hallway Hustler to Amazon KDP. They say it’ll up to 3 days for the review process before it goes live. This little project grew in scope until it consumed a good chunk of the last few months. A valuable lesson is over-optimistic completion estimation. … Read more

Confessions Nears Completion

I’m happy to announce that I finished the second draft of Confessions of a Hallway Hustler. I’ve started in on the third draft. My goal is to publish the ebook on Amazon by the end of December. I’m on pace to accomplish this. There are 41 chapters and almost 30,000 words. Here’s a rough version … Read more

Confessions, Chapter 34 V2

I’m closing in on finishing the second draft of Confessions of a Hallway Hustler. My goal is to publish it this month. Here’s a current version of the to-do/punch list: To-dos V1 1. create outline2. dictate story3. transcribe dictations4. expand scenes5. revision — 2nd draft6. revision — 3rd draft (including punch list)7. copyediting8. design cover9. … Read more

2nd Draft of Confessions, Chapter 26

I’m plowing my through the second draft of Confessions of a Hallway Hustler. I was hoping to be done with this draft a couple weeks ago. But you know how it goes. Most chapters are taking longer than expected to work my way through. I still haven’t decided on names for the characters, apart from … Read more

The narrator’s desire line

In my last post, I shared a revision of the outline for Part 1 of Kingdom of Fief. I realized I needed to make Aliyah’s desire line stronger — what she wants both as an internal motivation and as an immediate, concrete goal. She wants to be a knight-errant. Her immediate goal is to go … Read more

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