Hairy Squatter Update

I’ve been working on Hairy Squatter the past couple days. I have a good sense of who the narrator is, as well as the protagonist. I also started drafting the first chapter. I’ve decided to take a different tack from the initial idea. Here’s the old version of the beginning: Mr. and Mrs. Worsely, of … Read more

Confessions Nears Completion

I’m happy to announce that I finished the second draft of Confessions of a Hallway Hustler. I’ve started in on the third draft. My goal is to publish the ebook on Amazon by the end of December. I’m on pace to accomplish this. There are 41 chapters and almost 30,000 words. Here’s a rough version … Read more

The narrator’s desire line

In my last post, I shared a revision of the outline for Part 1 of Kingdom of Fief. I realized I needed to make Aliyah’s desire line stronger — what she wants both as an internal motivation and as an immediate, concrete goal. She wants to be a knight-errant. Her immediate goal is to go … Read more

Wimpy Scarface

I got this idea for a little side project — a Wimpy Kid-style retelling of Oliver Stone & Brian De Palma’s version of Scarface (1983). One of the constraints I’ll be putting on myself is to see if I can finish a rough draft in a weekend — this weekend. So to prepare, last weekend … Read more

Toward a third draft of the first chapters

I’ve been revising what is now the Prologue, as well as Chapters 1 & 2. As I mentioned in my previous post, I’m doing what I can to keep the Delay bugbear at bay. I shared the most recent Prologue with my Discord writers’ group. I was planning to share it with Scott Dikkers and … Read more

A (slightly less) crappy second draft

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on a second draft. It’s going slower than hoped. Part of it is that the first draft — which I dictated and transcribed — is a mess. I can live with that. I’m just glad the first draft exists. It took me only two weekends to produce. … Read more

Thinking through the narrative frame

What follows is a raw version of fairly recent thinking on how to settle on the best narrative frame for the story. Maybe have Lester be a motormouth — who admits that he “talks a lot” when he gets nervous. Right there, I have the seeds of a running joke. Whenever he starts monologuing, the … Read more

Cast of characters

Here are the characters, along with their comic archetype: Sir Aliyah Abdullah — Royal/Fighter/Know-It-All (about chivalry)Lester [needs a last name] (Sir Aliyah’s Page) — Nerd Who Thinks He’s Clever/HedonistMo & Fadwa Abdullah (Aliyah’s parents)Mr. Quaggy (school counselor/homeroom teacher)Principal Regina Regis (middle school principal)Skippy (Med Faire joust opponent)King Courtois of Fief — Bumbling Authority/Showbiz TypeQueen Gwennifer … Read more

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