Cast of characters

Here are the characters, along with their comic archetype:

Sir Aliyah Abdullah — Royal/Fighter/Know-It-All (about chivalry)
Lester [needs a last name] (Sir Aliyah’s Page) — Nerd Who Thinks He’s Clever/Hedonist
Mo & Fadwa Abdullah (Aliyah’s parents)
Mr. Quaggy (school counselor/homeroom teacher)
Principal Regina Regis (middle school principal)
Skippy (Med Faire joust opponent)
King Courtois of Fief — Bumbling Authority/Showbiz Type
Queen Gwennifer — Isabella/Spacenut
Grand Vizier (a self-proclaimed wizard & chief minister of Fief) — Toady/Bureaucrat
Beady (an intelligent opossum, Vizier’s familiar ) — Lovable Scoundrel — always eating something disgusting, speaks in hisses, growls, clicks, sneezes
Smith the Smith (leader of the peasant revolt) — Hero/Leader — she has a huge left arm bursting with thick veins, like a tennis player
Grand Duke Churlish (King Courtois’s younger brother) — Overgrown Child/Jerk
King Cliche of Feud (King Courtois’s cousin) — Connoisseur, expects the best of everything
Sir Loin (Feud’s Champion) — Show-off
Sir Prancelot (Fief’s Champion) — Lothario
Sir Gormless (Grand Duke’s Champion) — Slob/Dummy
Pester the Jester — Sadsack
Geewhiz the Artiste (banished sorcerer) — Trickster
Charbroil the Dragon — Animal (Cat)
Tinkle — Aliyah’s sword
Janitor/King’s Executioner — Space Cadet

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