Hairy Squatter Cover

I just got back the final version of the ebook cover I commissioned for my upcoming Harry Potter parody. It’s called Hairy Squatter and the Scientist’s Groan.

Here’s the premise:

Hairy Squatter is a bookish twelve-year-old orphan whose great ambition in life is to become a world-renowned cultural critic. While happily working his way through all three volumes of Karl Marx’s magnum opus, Das Kapital, in the bohemian comforts of his Aunt and Uncle Worsley’s garrett, Hairy learns that his flaky billionaire parents have arranged posthumously for him to attend Pigzits Academy of Pseudoscience and Magical Thinking, an elite boarding school for the wealthy technocratic elite.

Once enrolled at Pigzits, he quickly discovers there’s nothing he can do to get expelled. His folks’ obscene donation to the school’s endowment all but ensures that. Soon enough, the perks of campus life — not unlike a luxury resort — start to erode his solidarity with the working classes. Meanwhile, a shadowy figure named Moldywart seeks a potent talisman called the Scientist’s Groan, hidden somewhere on campus. If he gets his grubby redistributive mitts on it, Moldywart could destroy Pigzits and all it stands for.

Will Hairy stay true to his ideals or join the CEO of Pigzits, Bulbous Stumblesnore, in hunting down Moldywart before he can launch a socialist revolution?

And here’s the cover:

Hairy Squatter and the Scientist's Groan by KJ Trolling cover

On Scott Dikkers‘ recommendation, I used I think they did a fantastic job!

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