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I write in Google Docs & Scrivener.

Google Docs is where I brainstorm and journal.

When an idea grows into a premise, I move it to Scrivener. Here are a couple screenshots for the Scrivener “Project” I’m using for the medieval comedy fantasy.

The working title is Sir Aliyah, Knight-Errant.

screenshot 1 of Scrivener Project for Sir Aliyah, Knight-Errant
screenshot 2 of Scrivener Project for Sir Aliyah, Knight-Errant

As you may know, the core feature of Scrivener is that you can pile on as many documents as you want into a Project, which technically is a folder.

I start out in the Notes section, then transition to the Manuscript section.

I’ve added a text file for each scene.

The following is what John Truby calls a “scene weave” of the story. Here’s Truby defining a “scene weave”:

The scene weave is really an extension of the plot. It is your plot in minute detail. The point of the scene weave is to get one last look at the overall architecture of the story before writing it. Therefore, don’t go into too much detail, because this will hide the structure. Try to describe each scene in one line.

For example, a description of four scenes in The Godfather might look like this:

  • Michael saves the Don from assassination at the hospital.
  • Michael accuses police captain McCluskey of working for Sollozzo. The Captain slugs him.
  • Michael suggests that he kill the Captain and Sollozzo.
  • Clemenza shows Michael how to execute Sollozzo and the Captain.

Notice that only the single essential action of each scene is listed. If you keep your description to one or two lines, you will be able to list your scene weave in a few pages. Next to the scene description, list any structure step (such as desire, plan, or apparent defeat) that is accomplished during that scene. Some scenes will have these structure tags, but many will not.

Currently, there are 39 scenes total:

  1. Aliyah bars Lester from entering her home.
  2. Aliyah gets Lester to be her page.
  3. Lester readies Aliyah for the Med Faire joust.
  4. Skippy uses trickery to defeat Aliyah in the joust.
  5. Aliyah’s parents cancel the trip to the Kingdom of Fief theme park.
  6. Aliyah challenges kids on bus to a duel.
  7. Aliyah refuses to be an obedient student in class.
  8. Principal Regis orders Aliyah & Lester to clean up after Med Faire.
  9. Beady invites Aliyah & Lester into a magic portal.
  10. Aliyah & Lester journey through the portal to Fief.
  11. Royal clerks process the new recruits.
  12. The Grand Vizier leads the recruits on a parade through the city into the great hall of the castle.
  13. The king doles out justice to nobles, artisans & peasants.
  14. The king questions Aliyah in the queue of recruits offering their tributes.
  15. Recruits mass-dubbed & given choice to join army or quest.
  16. Aliyah feasts with the king, queen, and his brother at the royal table.
  17. Aliyah & Lester hunt with the king in his park.
  18. Aliyah & Lester leave the city to start their quest.
  19. Aliyah & Lester allow knights to shake down some peasants on the highway.
  20. Aliyah chases off troubadours annoying some damsels.
  21. Aliyah & Lester cross paths with the returning army.
  22. Aliyah & Lester meet Smith the Smith in his village.
  23. Aliyah & Lester enter the enchanted forest and confront various magical creatures.
  24. Aliyah & Lester climb a mountain and encounter giants.
  25. Aliyah & Lester enter a cave and find statues of knights.
  26. Aliyah & Lester confront Charbroil the Dragon.
  27. Aliyah & Lester confront the sorcerer and solve the riddle of the MacGuffin.
  28. Aliyah & Lester travel back to the capital and meet more desperate peasants on the way.
  29. Aliyah & Lester lunch with King Brulee and his knights at his camp.
  30. At court, Aliyah warns the king about the invasion.
  31. King Brulee & the Duke join forces to siege the castle.
  32. To suppress a peasant uprising, the king joins forces with King Brulee and the Duke.
  33. Pester helps Aliyah, Lester & the Grand Vizier escape the dungeon and go to Smith’s camp.
  34. Smith convinces Aliyah to lead the peasant army.
  35. The peasant army council formulates a battle plan.
  36. The armies meet on the battlefield.
  37. The victorious peasants anoint Aliyah the new king of Fief.
  38. Beady helps Aliyah & Lester return home through the portal.
  39. Lester finishes his song as Sir Aliyah enters the Med Faire arena.
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