Riffing on Strings

Riffing on Strings is a unique collection of creative writing that explores the cosmic and cultural resonances of string theory.  Inside you’ll find thought-provoking essays, short stories, poems, and a play from over 40 acclaimed authors, including Nobel Laureate Sheldon Glashow, Michio Kaku, Peter Woit, Adam Roberts, Colette Inez, Brenda Hillman, Joseph Radke, Bruce Holland Rogers, and Carole Buggé.

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“I was pleased to find such an eclectic, thought-provoking and entertaining collection of writing—perfect for toting along on travels in other dimensions.”

– Amanda Gefter, New Scientist (Read full review)

“Sean Miller and Shveta Verma have put together an exhilaratingly eclectic anthology of creative and expository writing about one of the most exciting (even if controversial) intellectual fields of our time: string theory. Just Miller’s erudite introduction by itself is worth the price of this sparkling collection.”

– S. Abbas Raza, Managing Editor of 3 Quarks Daily <http://3quarksdaily.com>

“Putting together a theory of everything requires a lot of creativity, and more than a little audacity—qualities which are also abundant in this collection of stories and poems inspired by string theory. Riffing on Strings is guaranteed to stimulate both hemispheres of your brain.”

– Sean Carroll, Theoretical Physicist, California Institute of Technology & Creator of Cosmic Variance <http://cosmicvariance.com>

“It is very surprising to me that string theory has entered the public consciousness to such a large degree, as documented by this book. This is probably due to the effectiveness of a few popularizers and the seeming craziness of its concepts. This book demonstrates that, in addition to practical applications, scientific research can also have cultural impacts.”

– John H. Schwarz, Harold Brown Professor of Theoretical Physics, California Institute of Technology

“The jury is still out on whether string theory serves to explain the nature of reality, but the writers who have contributed to Riffing on Strings convincingly demonstrate that it serves very well as a springboard for the imagination. From Sean Miller’s cogent introduction on, this is an engaging—and much-needed—dialogue between art and science.”

– Frank Wilson, Former Book Review Editor, The Philadelphia Inquirer & Creator of Books, Inq. <http://booksinq.blogspot.com>

In praise of Carole Buggé’s play Strings:

“I was amazed to see how Carole Buggé found inspiration in new ideas about the origin and future of the universe and in a real historic scientific incident (in which I played a role) and transformed them into a backdrop for an amusing and penetrating exploration of the human condition.”

– Paul J. Steinhardt, Professor of Physics, Princeton University & Co-Author of Endless Universe: Beyond the Big Bang